Monday, March 29, 2010

Suatu Masa - Amy

Being to few solo conserts, this one definitely different.. you can call it worth paying... cuma slack skit kali ni kami amik tiket grand circle which is not a good choice for concert (we learn it this time) cpz it is farther up and i was stuck with one bro who slouched to the circle railing which managed to block my whole view.. hate it!! Gave me a neck pain..

Not an ordinary concert..beyond expectation..biasanya bila p concert ni kita expect the artist to deliver his/her magic songs all throughout the concert but this time around, it's different.. you can feel that Amy is telling his career life story.. starting from being a rock star with a tight pants and big long hair to those famous "girls" songs like Nigina, Isabela, Laila Namamu Teratas & Rozana to his new found life..

Since it was a life story concert, there was minimal interaction with auditions compared to normal concerts but when he steeped down the stage during his "Kerja gila" song, the crowd when bizarre..he even did a dive on one line of auditions..

The 2 character at first you just think they are jokers as in Makyung (Wok Long & Pok Dogol) turned out to be the "Iblis" & "Syaitan"..who have managed to influenced him all throughout his life.. and when he found his new life, the 2 jokers were destroyed.

It's sooooooooooooo rare for you to see a famous rock star to sing an Asma ul Husna song on stage..not even a ballad singer rite?? The moment he started to sing his new song in relation to Islam and Allah, the crowd seems submerge into the songs.. that is what we call dakwah thru songs.. it's totally different..if you are at one of Nasyid concert, it won't impact you that much.. but it's Amy's concert...

Overall i rate this concert 5/5..despite of the sucks sound system at the beginning.. Ogy did a great job as the Musical Director..


Anonymous said...

from yr story, its was a wonderful concert..dakwah from rock singer..

Siti Zaiton said... was a wonderful one...